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While most of our clients are entrepreneurs, young professionals and families, those approaching retirement, and retirees, the innovative business model we offer enables us to work with nearly anybody. If you are looking for a financial representative that has the heart of a teacher then we will work well together. I offer a personal approach for the Main St , Any Town, USA, families, as well as offering to educate people at seminars, for churches, and organizations. Families just want to know what to do about Life insurance and their retirement. Most people don't know who to trust. I offer an educational point of view. The presentation explains in a very simple way, what the differences are in your choices and then you can make up your mind what you want to do.

Establish $1000 starter emergency fund

  1. Pay off debt using the “Debt Snowball”!
  2. Set aside 3 to 6 months of expenses in savings!
  3. Invest 15% into Roth IRAs and pre-tax retirement!
  4. Begin College funding !
  5. Pay off the house early !
  6. Build wealth and give !

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