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Our Approach

MICHAEL T GROVES FINANCIAL & Associates is an independent financial services firm that serves families and individuals from CA, CT, DE, FL, GA, IN, KS, MA, MD, ME, NH, NY, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, WV, VA, and VT. I have experience of over 34 years in the financial industry.

Our complimentary consultations are fun, low-key and relaxed. When we meet, we are going to spend our time teaching you. It is not about a transaction, but about building a relationship so we can help you succeed financially.

How it Works 

Discovery Meeting

During the discovery meeting, we discuss your goals and objectives, and help to identify financial opportunities that you may have in the future. A series of questions are asked to create your personalized financial roadmap.

Preliminary Review

After we process all of the data gathered from our Discovery Meeting, we meet again to verify the accuracy of our findings and to clarify any questions before we move forward.

Implementation Meeting

After the Preliminary Review is complete, we begin to create your comprehensive financial roadmap. Together with our network of financial professionals and industry consultants, we analyze your current situation and goals. We identify various opportunities that you may use to better protect your family and enhance your asset growth for the future. We then present our strategies to you and if you are comfortable, we will work together to implement the recommendations.

Financial Review

We understand life is constantly in flux and therefore it is important to constantly review your financial roadmap. We recommend reviewing, at least once a year face-to-face. We also offer a complimentary monthly email news.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

People often tell us they would like to work with a financial professional but they do not feel they have enough money to invest or don't earn enough to afford one. Our business model allows us the opportunity to work with everybody: from young families and professionals laying the foundation for their careers, to entrepreneurs launching the companies that they've dreamed about for years, to retirees hoping to get the most from their money as they spend time with their grandchildren and traveling the world.

What are your fees?

We partner with several leading mutual fund investment companies so you have many options to choose from in developing your financial roadmap. We work to help find an option that makes you comfortable and best fits your needs. The investment companies will charge a fee for service and then pay us out of those fees to be your financial representative. You do not pay us any extra fees outside of what the investment company charges.

Where are my investments held?

MICHAEL T GROVES FINANCIAL & Associates never takes custody of your assets. All assets are held with a prominent custodian. Clients maintain 24/7 access to their accounts via their web portal. This transparency protects investors from fraud and ensures their assets are always available.

Contact Us

Call or email to set up a complimentary face-to face-meeting. We will get to know each other and you can determine if we are the right firm for you. You will never be pressured to make any commitment. If we all agree that there is a fit, we will move forward. If not, the only thing you have risked is an hour of your time and perhaps some good questions to ponder.

We feel we offer a fresh approach to financial services, and hope you'll agree. Call or email to set up a complimentary face-to-face meeting. You can reach us at, NH Office (423-405-4067) Leave a message or Direct call my cell: 603-707-1355 or email at Or schedule a meeting at Let's chat.


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